“Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale!”


Hey, I’m Roxi – it’s nice to meet you! I am delighted you have come across my photography business, Daisies & Clovers Photography. I currently reside in beautiful Wine Country; Temecula, California with my husband, two young children, and three furballs named Lightning, Tiger, and Miss Luna (guess who named them lol). I am primarily a natural light photographer, always seeking that golden elegant light that nature provides minutes before sunset, but if you’re looking for a unique indoor studio session, I know of a few gorgeous local studios that we can rent just for you.

I am married to quite the romantic man – Sal, a local nurse practitioner/hospitalist, and together we have two beautiful children. If you ever need help conjuring up a romantic gesture for your loved one, I’m sure he’d love to help. We have lots of fun stories to share if you wish to hear them. We enjoy many, many things in life together, such as wine tasting, biking, hiking, getting lost in a good book, cooking new recipes, FOOTBALL! (Husband is a Chargers Fan, I am a Raiders Fan – and we are still married – go figure), traveling, celebrating the holidays with our BIG crazy family and friends, but most of all, our favorite thing to do together is curling up on our gigantic teal couch and have ourselves a good ol’ ‘movie and popcorn night’.

I feel that my life’s journey has given me many positive traits that has enabled me to create, develop, and explore my photography adventures. Past (and current) careers have taught me to live and appreciate each and every moment that life has to offer us.

“Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale!”

Family, Maternity, and Childrens Photographer, Roxi of Daisies and Clovers sits with her husband and young children
Photographer, Roxi of Daisies and Clovers holds camera and examines photos
Family Photographer, Roxi embraces her husband in dry meadows