For Photographers

I have always had a passion for Education! To Learn is to Grow, to Evolve, to Better Oneself. Prior to becoming a professional photographer, I held a career at a teaching hospital in veterinary medicine, specifically surgery. I loved watching the lightbulb click on when the interns and residents learned something new. I did not go to school to become a Photographer. All that I have learned thus far has been through online videos, asking LOTS and LOTS of questions to fellow inspiring photographers, and the most productive way, The Trial and Error Method. But, I am not going to lie. If someone asked me if I had to do it all over again, would I have done it the same way? The answer would be ‘Heck No!’. Have I learned a lot? Sure thing! Has it been easy? Absolutely NOT! I feel like I have learned everything the loooonnnnng and Hard Way lol. While it’s not a bad thing, it was definitely frustrating at times. So, if someone were to ask me how I would have begun, first – it would have been to find a MENTOR. True Story!

Now this isn’t so someone could tell me all the answers, but could direct me in the right direction. It’s kind of like Parenting, there really is no book on ‘How to Raise Children: Chapter One – Now that you have given birth – what now?’.  Instead there are ‘Mentors’ like friends and family that may have had experience in the matter. They aren’t giving you the answers, but are there to guide you.  That’s how I see Mentorships. If you’re here to begin your photography journey, to learn something new, to evolve your style, and/or to grow your business – I am here to help.

Family Photographer, a baby girl sits on a brick porch in a pink dress
Family Photographer, a woman wears a pink dress and stands outside with her hand to her shoulder

What to Expect

In this era we are lucky enough to have a variety of resources to share our knowledge with each other: pre-recorded videos, online ZOOMS, and of course the good ole’ IN PERSON opportunities. No matter where you are in your photography journey or located in the world, it would be my utmost honor in helping you reach your photography goals.

Coming Soon, I will be providing 1:1 LIVE mentorships in four modules: Shooting, Creating | Styling | Posing, Editing, and Business & Marketing. Each module will be offered individually or can be combined with other modules. If you live in South Dakota or in Sydnee, Australia it looks like we will be doing ONLINE Mentoring (unless you want to cover travel costs lol). However, if you are local to me in Temecula or San Diego, California, the choice is up to you! Each module will be instructed at the student’s pace. This way everyone feels comfortable, not rushed, nor feels like their time or money is being wasted. If you only have a couple of questions for me and don’t feel like signing up for a module is right for you, I am more than happy to offer 1hr and 2hr ZOOM ‘QUICK QUESTIONS’ chats where you can ask me anything.

Shooting: Topics will include getting to know your gear, photography lingo, and basics on how to shoot a variety of photography genres.

Creating | Styling | Posing: Topics will include how I design family and child sets (props), my approach on how I style/coordinate clients with each other, location, season, etc., and posing.

Editing: Topics will include getting to know editing software: Lightroom, Photoshop, Camera Raw; how I achieve the editing style I create, and more.

Business & Marketing: Topics will include varieties of business strategies, necessities in developing a business, and finding what best fits your lifestyle and photography style.

Quick Questions: Have a quick question on how I achieve my vibrant colors, camera settings when shooting my floral art, or need a portfolio critique? 1hr, 2hr ZOOM Chats may be the perfect fit for you.